July 27, 2021

Olga debuted Ilia in Bayerischer Staatsoper's Idomeneo

Olga debuted Ilia in Bayerischer Staatsoper's Idomeneo in a new production directed by Antú Romero Nunes, now acting director at Theater Basel, and staged by sculptor Phyllida Barlow. Her monumental sculptures made of rough materials seem to have sprung from an intermediate space between civilisation and nature and at the same time tell of destruction and the utopia of new beginnings.

For Idomeneo, she designed the stage set for an opera production for the first time. The artist, who grew up on the British north coast, was inspired by objects that reflect the struggle of the coastal inhabitants with the sea: From breakwaters, which are meant to ward off the violence of the waves, and from viewpoints, which offer a glimpse into the future, but also from boulders, in which the permanence of millions of years is combined with the danger of disaster.