November 28, 2020

Olga returns to the Bolshoi Theater and makes her role debut as Volkhova in "Sadko" by N.Rimsky-Korsakov

Olga returns to the stage of the Bolshoi theater in a role of Volkhova in a new production of "Sadko" by the famous russian opera director Dmitri Tchernyakov.

With “Sadko” marking his return to the Bolshoi Theater, Tchernyakov made clear his intention to not hold back: "This opera has a false reputation — that it’s epic, grandiose, distant, and not about us. We are trying to take this textbook cliche away and understand that it about us,"

As promised, the opera (which tells the Odyssey-esque story of its eponymous hero) has been dramatically revamped by Chernyakov for 21st-century audiences. The characters become self-aware, with a prologue explaining that they are disillusioned modern people taking part in a psychological experiment in which they embody the characters of a classic Russian epic. They enter a “Wish Fulfillment” theme park, where they are transformed into residents of ancient Novgorod, and from there the epic story commences with the actors as role-players.

Tcherniakov's production of "Sadko" has nominated as a best opera production in season 2019/2020 for the russian theatrical award "The Golden Mask".